Domestic Abuse

What is it?

Who does it affect?

People think:  Domestic abuse only effects females.


Fact: Did you know 38% of victims of domestic abuse are men?


What’s shocking is that in society today there is still a

stigma around violence towards men, making it

harder for them to seek support.

Men are three times less likely to step forward and ask

for help. This could be because they are worried

about what their friends will think of them, or they are

worried they will not be believed.

Mankind Initiative did a social experiment that looks

at how the general public react to a women being

abused, and then how they react to a man being

abused. The reactions are quite different!

Check it out HERE!  (Link to YouTube)


People think: Domestic abuse only effects heterosexual (or straight) relationships.


Fact: 25% of victims are from same sex relationships.


In same sex relationships, an abusive partner may use their victim’s sexuality against them. Maybe by threatening to ‘out’ their partner to their friends and family.



What can you do?


It’s time to start challenging society’s ideas on abuse. Be open minded, be supportive, and if you need help, visit our help page here.

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This information is up to date as of 28th March 2019 and will not be updated soon