Domestic Abuse

What is it?

Pulled in every direction
Pulled in every direction

Lachlan Ross
Lachlan Ross

Pulled in every direction
Pulled in every direction


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Domestic abuse takes place between boyfriend/girlfriend or family relationships. Domestic abuse is not a one off incident, and can happen time and time again.


Remember: it is still not right if your partner hurts you only once.


No one is immune from abuse. Abuse can affect all forms of relationships, and both male and females can be victims. It can be very lonely and scary for someone if they are experiencing abuse.

Domestic abuse is not limited to physical violence and can include:

  • Spreading rumours about you

  • Getting angry when you want to spend time with your friends or family

  • Blackmailing you

  • Telling you how to dress, or spend your money

  • Calling you horrible names

  • Threatening to hurt themselves if you end the relationship

  • Pressuring you into sending nude photos

  • Showing other people your private messages

Is It Love??

This is based on REAL experiences of young people in Exeter aged 12-15.

This information is up to date as of 28th March 2019 and will not be updated soon