Forced Marriage

The signs

Check out these signs if you have any worries about forced marriage:

  • Worried about the holidays?

    Forced marriage often happens in the summer holidays – as it can look less suspicious when someone goes away. Maybe they are concerned that they will not return, or their parents have hidden their passport.


  • Not allowed out?

    Someone could be held against their free will if they do not do as their family say, or it could be just to stop someone talking to other potential partners.


  • No aspirations

    Someone being forced to marry may not have any life goals, especially if they think they might be abused by their partner, or taken abroad to marry.


  • Siblings or extended family “keeping an eye”

    Often someone being forced to marry has a family member constantly checking up on them, to make sure they are not ‘dishonouring’ the family.  


  • Scared of the local community

       The local community might report back to their family if they see them talking to others.

  • Keeping a partner or mobile phone secret

    Their families may forbid them from having other partners, or having a mobile phone.

This information is up to date as of 28th March 2019 and will not be updated soon