The online world should be open and safe for everybody to use. Sadly, whilst it offers amazing opportunities, it also provides many ways for people to control, threaten and intimidate others. This section will give you lots of information, tips and advice on staying safe online.

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If you receive any unwanted attention online – Keep a log of screenshots before blocking the harasser. This provides evidence for the police to use. Its important to note that once you have blocked someone prior interaction may no longer be visible.  


Live Streaming - broadcasting live unedited video's. 

It may be used to:

  • Showcase someone's talents

  • Campaign about an issue 

  • Share thoughts with an audience

We cannot always be sure of who we are talking to online. More recently a lot of manipulative people have been using live streaming platforms to force, coerce and pressure people into doing things they don't want to do.  

One particular issue can be online sexual abuse or exploitation. This is where you may be persuaded or forced to:

  • Send or post sexually explicit images (for more information on sexting and sending nudes - click here)

  • Take part in sexual activities via video 

  • Have sexual conversations by text or online

Live streaming has also been used to show crime scenes and inappropriate content that could be shocking and distressing for people to see. If we are making a live video it is important to remember that what one person find's funny, might be hurtful to another. 

Sometimes it can feel awkward saying 'no' to people, especially if they're someone close, such as a friend, girlfriend or boyfriend. 

This might be because you really like that person, you trust them and don't want to let them down. However, if you do say no any real friend, who cares about you and respects you will accept your decision and not pressure you.

Unlike our real friends, people we don't know or someone who is using you will try and convince you to do something, EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE SAID NO! 

This information is up to date as of 28th March 2019 and will not be updated soon