Domestic Abuse

Signs of Abuse

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Worried about a friend? Here are some of the signs you may need to be looking out for:



  • Has your friend’s mood changed?

Domestic abuse is very scary. Your friend may become more anxious, maybe withdrawn or even snappy with you.


  • Is your friend using drugs and alcohol?

If someone is being pressured into using drugs and alcohol they are more vulnerable to abuse.


  • Dressing differently?

If your friend has changed their style of dress to please their partner, or feel they have to hide clothes from them, this could be a sign of abuse.


  • Frequent texts and calls

Does your friend get anxious if they can’t reply to a message? Are they very protective of their phone or they are constantly receiving messages from their partner? These could all be signs of abuse.


  • Isolation – No longer spending time with friends

It’s really annoying when your friend has a new partner, and they want to spend all their time together, and no time with their friends. Be aware, they may not have a choice who they spend their time with.


  • Not getting on with your friend since the new partners on the scene?

Isolation can be really subtle, someone who is abusive will try and cause arguments between you and your friend, so you fall out and don’t speak to each other.


  • Unexplained injuries?

1 in 5 teens have experienced violence in a relationship. If you notice any injuries that your friend is hesitant to explain, or can’t explain ask for help immediately.



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This information is up to date as of 28th March 2019 and will not be updated soon