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Thinking about sending a nude picture of yourself? Are you being pressured into sending a picture? Stop!

Once it is out in the open, it is out of your control. Whether you're sending them to your friends or someone you really fancy, have a think of the potential consequences of sharing it publicly.


Passing on that photo is no laughing matter and even illegal.


Have you already sent a nude picture? Check out our Help section for support.

Or visit So you got naked online . . . to find advice on how you can help yourself or a friend.






















6 Tips To Save Embarrassment


1. Don't be a sheep!

If other people get hold of those photos, it can leave you feeling

alone, embarrassed and scared. If you wouldn't feel comfortable

with someone else passing on pictures of you, don't do it to

someone else. Chances are they will feel exactly the same.


2. If you wouldn't want your nan to see it, don't send it!

So imagine you've taken the perfect picture, as you send it on you

get a nasty shock when you realise you've sent it to an elderly

relative! If it's not a picture you would publish on your Instagram or

Facebook, it is not worth the risk


3. You don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with

So conversations are getting a bit hot under the collar and that

person you really like gets a bit pushy for a naked selfie. Remember

pressure is a form of abuse, you don't have to do anything you feel

uncomfortable with.


Mutual respect and equality should always come first.


4. Do you know who you're really talking to?

It's easy to hide behind a computer or mobile phone, someone

might make a fake account to fool you.


5. Snapchat is not better

Surely it is harmless to send a cheeky picture on an app where the

image disappears? Wrong. It is possible to reply and screenshot

snaps without notifying you.


6. Sexting and the law

If you, or the person in the images are under the age of 18, those images count as child pornography. This means if you are caught with the images on your phone, or you send images on, you could be put on the sex offenders register.

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Zipit is stuffed full of memes that can be sent when someone asks for a nude.

A great way to say no in a fun way. 

This information is up to date as of 28th March 2019 and will not be updated soon