​Tips for staying safe on Instagram

  • If someone is sharing photos or videos that make you uncomfortable, you can unfollow or 

      block them. You can also report something that you feel violates our Community Guidelines

      right from the app.

  • Make sure you know whether your account is public or private. When you set your posts to

       private, anyone who wants to see your posts, followers or following list will have to send you a

       follow request first.

  • If someone is bullying you, reach out to a trusted family member or teacher for help. You can

      also remove a comment from a photo you've shared and report bullying and harassment through the Help Center.

  • Make sure you're comfortable letting the photos and videos you share represent who you are to a wide audience, such as your parents, teachers or employers.

  • Never agree to do something or share anything that makes you uncomfortable.

How to Block Someone?

When on someones profile, you can block them by selecting the 3 dots from the top of the page then select the Block option - you will then be asked to confirm you wish to block them. 

This information is up to date as of 28th March 2019 and will not be updated soon